Fear, Curiosity and Determination Drives the SciFi Story

So, this past Thursday was a great day of personal celebration!

Was it about the launch of my SciFi book GOD GAMES? No.

Was it my birthday? No.

Did my favorite sports team win the championship? No.

Did I hit the lottery? Sigh… NOOOO!

Thursday, I earned an Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) rating on my pilot’s license. That’s a fancy way for saying I can literally fly safely in the clouds! Folks, this is a big deal with lots of training and knowledge testing capped off with a grueling four-hour practical exam and flight test.

So, what does this have to do with writing a book?

Well, it has to do with the fear, curiosity, and the determination we must endure to achieve a difficult goal. I experienced these emotions as I flew in dark bumpy weather, manipulating navigation systems, communicating with fast talking Air Traffic Controllers, who are used to talking to professional airline pilots, and relying on three tiny round instruments to land an airplane (with no automation) while in cloudy weather under emergency conditions. If that doesn’t get the heart beating fast, then nothing will. In my new SciFi book GOD GAMES, Yahweh and Lucifer experienced those same roller coaster emotions as they struggled against each other.

For Yahweh, curiosity drove him to explore the unknown and to convince fellow scientists to seed an accidentally created universe with human DNA hoping what forms on Earth takes on “our own image” as he said. Yahweh’s upbringing in an advanced scientific society generated all that curiosity. Then his father’s military history and stories of war campaigns drove his aggressive determination that would get him into deep trouble. Top all that off with the loss of a loved one and knowledge that Heaven could slip back to its earlier bigoted ways (all driven by Lucifer’s presence) and you now know the fear that drove Yahweh to do what he did in the story.

Lucifer was certainly curious but only to the extent of how to use technology to both upend Heaven and implement his plans to temp Eve and the villagers in the Garden of Eden with irresponsible free will. But it was fear that mostly drove Lucifer. Fear that he would forever be held accountable for his father’s transgressions against him. Fear that Yahweh’s plans to seed humankind on Earth would work. And driving that fear was faith in his god- Korbibtor. Lucifer’s fanatic religious belief in Korbibtor instilled a dogged determination to acquire millions of people in Heaven to commit themselves to him and him alone as Korbibtor’s only spokesperson in Heaven.

Fear, curiosity, and determination! That’s what I went through to get my IFR rating. And I took what I felt from that stomach punching experience to show the characters and their ongoing contest against each other in the SciFi world of GOD GAMES. I did that because those same three emotions drive both the good and horrible things that people do in our real world today. Look at a Twitter or Facebook feed or any news channel and you’ll see what I mean.

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