What Technologies Do You Use or Want to Read About In Your SciFi Books?

~Seven Scientific Concepts of GOD GAMES~

The SciFi novel GOD GAMES explores the philosophical and competing aspects of an advanced scientific society with deep roots in religion and how this civilization can affect another less technically advanced culture.

But driving the story line is science and technology. There isn’t time to write about them all in this post. So, I’ll just mention seven concepts with some examples in GOD GAMES. While they start out following accepted scientific thought, these ideas expand out to uncharted SciFi territories. Take a look and comment.

  1. Entangled Particles interact in such a way that measuring one enables you to tell something about the properties of the other without measuring it. This happens no matter how far apart they are, so long as one affected the other in the past.
    • In GOD GAMES Yahweh and Gwendolyn’s romance is so deep you can say the relationship follows the Laws of Quantum Entanglement. They know each other’s thoughts without saying a word. It’s a telepathic union. An almost magical connection that Yahweh can’t explain but always seeks out to calm his stormy feelings.
  1. Atoms and Molecules can be rearranged to change their characteristics; e.g., turn lead to gold or water to wine, manipulate DNA, etc.
    • An example of this in GOD GAMES is the use of Molecular TransMutators (MTMs) to produce endless quantities of anything, like materials, machines, etc. MTMs are better known as Replicators to Trekkies.
    • One type of MTM shown in the book is the home food assembler that Yahweh and Gwendolyn’s kids program to use “a molecular recipe to make cheeseburgers—hot, juicy with a charcoal-broiled aroma, and topped with sharp cheddar cheese and sautéed onions that promise a yummy and juicy finish.”
  1. The Rate of Time in one universe can be different from the rate of time in another universe.
    • I use this temporal anomaly throughout the book to produce the faster flow of time in Earth’s universe relative to the flow of time in Heaven’s universe. Thousands of years on Earth are just mere moments in Heaven! This allows Yahweh and everyone else in Heaven to observe (in their local) real time Earth’s physical changes from the very day it was created as well as the natural evolution of life on the planet. But the relative differences in the flow of time between these two universes is erratic.
  1. Gravity from one universe can affect or be detected by an adjacent universe.
    • In GOD GAMES, Heaven’s more massive presence traps Earth’s universe in its deep gravity well. But Earth’s universe also pulls back on Heaven’s universe. Their gravitational interaction is the reason for the erratic flow of time in both universes.
  1. Particle Accelerators/Colliders of sufficient size and power can be used to create black holes and universes.
    • The accelerator accident at the mile high and one-thousand mile wide matter-anti-matter power generator featured in the GOD GAMES “Beast at the Pearly Gates” chapter caused the creation of the universe that ultimately produced Earth.
  1. Brain Activity that gives rise to things such as self-awareness and personalities also produces electromagnetic fields (EMF).
    • This concept is the foundation behind the Soul Storage Unit (SSU) demonstrated in the GOD GAMES’ “Resurrection” chapter. The SSU (invented by Yahweh) can capture and store a person’s brain and body EMFs just before the moment of death.
    • The SSU can also be used to transmit this information to another manufactured human body, which as Yahweh tells his fellow scientists “…is just a new machine waiting for its owner to get inside, start the motor, and begin a new life.” How do you manufacture a new human body you ask? Well, with a human body printer of course!
  1. Brain EMFs used to transmit thoughts and emotions.
    • GOD GAMES’ uses critter cams, tiny peppercorn like devices, to read and send a person’s brain EMFs that contain thoughts, senses (sight, sound, feeling, etc.) and emotions to another person.
    • Yahweh uses critter cams to overcome the encountered language barrier when he travels to Earth and meets Abram, Eve and Adam in what will later be called the Garden of Eden. Lucifer also uses critter cams to make Eve think he is a mentoring ancestral snake in the GOD GAMES’ “Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself (Redux)” chapter.

OK, now comment back to me and everyone else what scientific concepts form the basis of a book you wrote or are currently writing. Or, if you are not an author, what scientific concepts you would like to read about in a SciFi novel.

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