Yahweh vs. The Warthog

Here’s a quick snippet from GOD GAMES that shows what happened after Yahweh (lost in the Garden of Eden) gets chased down by an angry warthog:

Then the bushes suddenly open and a giant warthog appears. Less than fifty feet away and armed with tusks that curl to sharp points, the black-and-gray-matted pig looks like it weighs five hundred pounds. Now, five miniature piglets appear one right after the other behind the warthog. After a few skipped heart beats, Yahweh drops his leaf shield which crunches to the ground.

Startled by Yahweh’s presence, the piglets scatter like squealing gray marbles. The huge mother pig grunts angrily and points her massive tusks toward Yahweh and charges. As the warthog barrels toward him, Yahweh resigns himself to be the first Heavenly casualty on Earth.

Suddenly a long black spear rockets past Yahweh’s right shoulder. The slender missile strikes the warthog right through its skull, and the animal trips over its front legs and rolls forward. The spear breaks off as the overgrown sow comes to stop less than three feet away, its black lifeless eyes wide open.

Run, scream, faint, or wet yourself. Those competing responses seem to be the only available courses of action to a petrified Yahweh. But a more manly set of choices would have been desirable. Nevertheless, the cold drip down the leg indicates the body has already decided.

So, who threw the spear?

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