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In GOD GAMES, all the characters are named after biblical angels, although I did take some liberties as is the norm in SciFi.  In general, I used an angel’s name whose description came close to matching the trait of a particular character.   Each playing card features two main GOD GAMES characters reflecting their role in the book and their relationship to each other.   Check out this blog post for more information on how I named the characters.  

In an earlier post, I showed a playing card for Yahweh’s good friend Professor Raphael Villani Liwet and his wife Professor Gabrielle Liwet.  Today, this new post features a playing card for Judge Jehoel and the Cherubim Commander.  

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Judge Jehoel is the senior elder of Heaven’s Grand Council.  The Grand Council of Heaven is Heaven’s highest court.  It’s like the Supreme Court of the United States.  Taking the analogy further, the equivalent executive and legislative branches have been decentralized and empowered only to oversee activities that adhere to Heaven’s “Six Rules of Life.”  The only laws in Heaven, the Six Rules of Life do not change over time and are designed to ensure what we call, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all.   The Grand Council of Heaven only gets involved if there is a dispute in how the Six Rules of Life are interpreted or to protect individuals from adverse actions by others.  

Wearing a simple black robe, Judge Jehoel is the senior of the seven elders who sit on the court.  With intense blue eyes, sharpened gray eyebrows and a permanent grimace that etches across his face, Judge Jehoel enforces order in his court throughout decades of proceedings. 

Ancient religious texts suggest the Guardian Angel Jehoel as an angel of presence and is regarded as a mediator.  In GOD GAMES, that’s a role well suited for this senior elder of the Grand Council of Heaven who must ensure that disputes are resolve peacefully and in accordance to the Six Rules of Life.  In addition, Judge Jehoel is the head of Heaven’s Cherubims—angels who protect Heaven.   That makes Judge Jehoel the Commander and Chief of Heaven’s mighty military forces. 

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And this brings me to the Cherubim Commander.  Contrary to what you may have heard or read, the Cherubim are not the cute and pudgy baby angels with two wings— noooo buddy!  The Bible places their role as guardians with flaming swords and four wings.  

So, the following GOD GAMES passage provides a more ferocious view of what the Cherubim Commander looks like as he explains to Judge Jehoel the plan to expel Lucifer and his followers (the Korbibtorians) to a hellish planet called Gehenna in a parallel universe- a plan called  the Great Korbibtorian Rapture.

Dressed in a white robe with golden top armor that consist of a swept wing helmet, an engraved shield across the top of his broad chest flanked by sharpened claw epaulets that flare back like eagle wings on his shoulders, the Cherubim high commander bows to Judge Jehoel and the other elders.  “Our nanobots will construct a special QUEST satellite in orbit around Gehenna. It will receive the Korbibtorians we send from Heaven and place them on Gehenna. We’ll track and monitor the Korbibtorians . . . at home, at work, at play, at rallies, and in their churches. We’ll monitor their holographic video calls, communications and thoughts. Have no doubt . . . we’ll zap ’em out. Just give the word, Your Honor.”

Judge Jehoel proudly watches the Cherubim commander in his ceremonial whites and gold shield. The Cherubim order grew from the ashes of the Holy Nuclear War. Back then, they were a ragtag force sworn to fight, to the death, if necessary, to enforce the Six Rules of Life. Over the centuries, their spears evolved into heavily mechanized tech-munitions. Now, they assume the role of Heaven’s grand protector against interstellar threats. They carry out their quest with gusto—and brutality, according to some.

Hope you enjoy these playing cards as much as I enjoyed having them created for GOD GAMES! Feel free to comment!

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