Hello everyone! I just posted the latest chapter/scene (#20) for my military SciFi story- MILK RUN. It’s called “Allegiance.” This scene represents a turning point in the story where Captain Toby Nathanael Louis, Jr. begins to gain the alliance of Commander John Emerson after regaining control of his ship the USS Princeton.

Earlier in the story, Commander John Emerson disagreed with Captain Toby Louis’ strategy/goal to capture the Telrachnid gunship that had Toby’s fiancée on board. So in scene 17 (Standoff), John relieved Toby as ship’s captain. Then in scene 19 (Be Careful What You Ask) Toby regains control of the ship during a subsequent battle with the Telrachnid gunship.

I started writing MILK RUN years ago but stopped in the middle due to a writer’s block and a busy corporate career. Now that I’ve retired, I decided to share my experience finishing this work with you all.

One of the other things I did years ago was commission a few drawings that depict some MILK RUN scenes. One of them (the rough drawing here) shows the extremely battle damaged USS Princeton at Starbase 21 after its tangle with the Telrachnid gunship in scene 19. Here, you see that its bow has been blown away. The image gives you some idea of what was going on inside my head as I wrote and now update this 20th scene/chapter.

What do you think of the illustration?

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