Finally . . . Story Plot Hole Filled In!

It’s been slow going but I resolved the story plot hole in my military SciFi MILK RUN!

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As explained in an earlier post, the problem concerned the Telrachnid’s more advanced Crowbar that Captain Louis and his crew stole from the Telrachnid gunship. In case you forgot, the Crowbar is a device designed to pry open (hence the term Crowbar) a gateway to an unseen dimension in space. That process is called D-Jump. It’s like a submarine that uses the third dimension (depth in this case) to its advantage during a sea battle. The plot hole formed because the Telrachnid gunship needs their (stolen) Crowbar device as part of a space battle scene shown later in the story.

To resolve the problem, I’ve decided that Captain Louis’s team didn’t have time to remove the Telrachnid’s more advanced Crowbar because the Telrachnid crew was just about to bust in and capture them. This story change allows the Telrachnid gunship to use their now “un-stolen” Crowbar to D-Jump into that hidden dimension to start the beginning of the end of the space battle.

 That said, I had to make several changes to (and reposted) the story line in scenes 21 (The Gunship), 25 (Space Wolfhounds), 26 (Escape), 27 (Realization), 28 (Awakenings) and 29 (Doubt) to resolve the plot hole. Now, I can move on to the finish line.

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