MILK RUN- Here’s Why I’m Writing It

MILK RUN is loosely based on my corporate career experience participating in one of those executive management development programs. You know what I’m talking about, where they take young college graduates, send them through some basic leadership training then toss them into the fire of escalating management/supervisory responsibilities. Wow, what a toasty ride!

New Scene Posted! Scene 19 – Be Careful What You Ask

I finally posted a new scene for MILK RUN. It follows scene 18 (The Brig) after Captain Toby Nathanael Louis, ends up in the brig after his second in command takes over his ship. Scene 19 shows how he regains control of his ship, the USS Princeton.


Hi All! It’s taking me a bit longer to complete the next scene chapter for my new military SciFi novel MILK RUN. That’s because, unlike the other scenes posted, this is literally a brand new scene. The earlier scenes were created about six years ago. But I got writer’s block and things got real busy at the office. So, I stopped the project. Picking up where I left off, those scenes required less rework and…